Play, learn and have fun!

Microsoft Office 365 Stock Photo helps speakers and communication professionals develop and deliver interactive lectures, presentations, and Serious Games.

Request a Demo is a web-based app promoting a bidirectional flow of ideas and information to make lectures more interactive and effective.

The app is ideal for workshops, training sessions, and communication events. Animators can use it to engage with their audience through live polls. Professors can develop discovery-based learning environments incorporating elements of game mechanics. Both would be able to increase the level of participants’ engagement and achieve instructional and communication goals.

Discovery-based Learning

Discovery-based Learning provides speakers with the ability to develop the lecture’s narrative and supporting elements, including readings, surveys, quizzes, and ‘play sessions’. Participants can use their connected devices - smartphones, tablets, laptops - to follow the lecture, read teaching materials, reply to questions, and engage with the lecturer and other participants.

The platform supports server-side models, typically used to simulate the impact of players’ decisions as part of a ‘play session’. It also enables the transfer of participants’ inputs to simulators, the retrieval of calculation results, and their dispatch to individual players (visual dashboards) and session facilitators (debriefing screens).

If you have questions about the app or are interested in a demo, please feel free to send us a message using our Contact Form.

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